XC-70 Door Locks are "Possessed" !!!!!

Discussion in 'Volvo XC70' started by betsey, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. betsey

    betsey Guest

    OK, here's one.... This morning the battery on wife's XC-70(2004) was
    dead and I had to jump start it. It turned right over and I drove it
    around for 30 minutes to charge it back up. I pulled in the driveway
    since today was oil change day. A little while when I was under the
    car, I heard "click....clickclick.....click......click".... "What
    is that, everythings off?"...

    I got out from under the car and realized that my door locks (all of
    them) were trying to unlock themselves. (they already were). Every
    30 seconds or a minute there it was Click, ClickClick....

    I pulled out the manual to figure out which fuse killed the door
    lock. Our friends from Sweden aren't so simple minded as us
    Americans. All I could find were 34 and 35 which were the Door Power
    fuses (25A). Pulling these stopped the FRONT door locks, but I
    couldn't figure out how to depower the back doors and tail gate.

    I quickly finished my oil change and took another 10 minute drive (yes
    it started). I came back and shut down. A few minutes later....

    As we speak, my car sits with the battery disconnected. No sense
    burning up all my door lock solenoids.

    Any ideas.........
    Regards from the Garden State
    Fred K.
    betsey, Dec 16, 2007
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  2. betsey

    Roadie Guest

    Try taking the battery out of the remote after locking all the doors.
    Roadie, Dec 17, 2007
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  3. Hey that happened to me at an airport as a passenger was trying to flog his
    helelujah bit at me .I told him well at least my cars got the spirit he got
    out disgusted thank goodness .
    John Robertson, Dec 22, 2007
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