740 gas meter [the saga continu]

Discussion in 'Volvo 740' started by Rainer Camarero, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. Hi everybody,
    First, thanks to James and Al for their answer in the first episode of this
    saga (hopefully it's not gonna be a best seller and stay on the board for
    I still have the 740 GLE 86
    Well I've figured out that something's wrong in the the in-tank sending
    unit. I plan to change it, but is there some recommandations when getting it
    from a junk yard and putting it back?
    Another thing I would like to know is about the circuit itself. Is the
    signal getting straight to the gas-meter, in the cluster, or is it relaied


    P'ti pere
    Rainer Camarero, Sep 14, 2003
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