850 oil leak

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by volvo-italiano, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Have an 850 GLT with about 100k miles on it. Have an oil leak that the
    repair shop has not been able to fix. First, they replaced the
    camshaft position sensor seal. Still leaked. Then they resealed the
    rear cover plate at the rear of the cylinder head. Still leaked. Now,
    they removed camshaft sensor and there was a puddle of oil sitting in
    the bottom ring. They said it's very unusual (of course) and there may
    be some problem within the camshaft. Does anyone have an idea what the
    problem could be?
    volvo-italiano, Aug 29, 2003
  2. volvo-italiano

    Phil Kallis Guest

    Yes, I had a similar problem. Make sure the flame trap is clean. If not,
    pressure will build up from within the engine and blow out the seals. This
    simple maintenance act has solved that problem for me.
    Phil Kallis, Aug 29, 2003
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