air conditioner - compressor or clutch?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by My_roller2000, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. I do not know how to tell if the symptoms I am having are
    the clutch has failed or the AC compressor has failed or is about to.
    This started a while back when the compressor would turn on and
    sometimes I would hear a screeching sound that was brief at this
    point I was seeing a 35 to 40 degree difference between outside
    air and the vent temp on recirculate on fan speed 2.

    One day the screeching rapidly became more consistant, every time
    the compressor turned on it would make this sound.
    I turned the ac off for 30 minutes and when I tried it again the
    screeching sound
    was longer and very consistant every time the compressor turned on.
    The ac was still cooling but I would estimate only a 20 degree

    I am thinking that the clutch is at the point where it is not able to
    properly and is slipping. But never having had a compressor or a clutch
    fail before I don't know the symptoms of how either of these fail.

    I would appreciate any help in how to distinguish. I have a shop lined
    up that will
    pull the r134a out of my system (had the conversion done a few years
    back at a volvo dealer).
    The car is a 1990 740 with the original compressor. I want to do the job
    properly and
    if the compressor is the problem I gather the system will need to be
    I have never flushed the system before and will have to find out what is
    to do this as well.

    any help is welcomed
    My_roller2000, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. My_roller2000

    Gary Heston Guest

    [ ... ]

    Checked the belt tension? A loose belt will slip and screech.

    Gary Heston, Jul 9, 2003
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  3. Gary,
    I should have mentioned the belt tension looks good.
    I watched the compressor kick in when all the noise happens
    and the belt does not appear to be the issue.
    Other thoughts welcome

    My_roller2000, Jul 9, 2003
  4. Mike,
    I am leaning towards your suggestion of replacing the entire assembly of
    compressor and clutch. Long ago I suspected an extreemly sloooow leak
    in the front of the compressor. I assume a seal. Over the years there is an
    oily residue in the belly pan which has gathered dust and debris from
    I will look for iron filings in the pan as you suggest.

    How does one determine if the compressor is failing and dumping particles
    in the system?

    Assuming it is the compressor, any advise on the best way to flush? Products
    to use?
    I gather the accumulator and the oriface tube must be replaced as these
    will collect particles, if there are any. I am new to these steps.

    Guess I am hoping the I got wise to this early enough that I don't have a
    compressor and all the junk in the system.

    Other thoughts welcome

    My_roller2000, Jul 9, 2003
  5. My_roller2000

    ALRHALL Guest

    Many Volvos use a Compressor drive belt that is very heavily loaded. If you use
    a US spec. belt it will only work for a few weeks. The true metric belt has a
    different contact angle than the "equivelent" belt that you buy at your local
    auto parts store. This is one of the items I go to my dealer for. Of course you
    could just over-tighten it and were out the clutch bearing.
    Try belt dressing. If the squeel stops when you spray a little on the belt,
    the belt is bad. Belt dressing won't quiet a clutch.
    ALRHALL, Jul 9, 2003
  6. My_roller2000

    Mike F Guest

    A lot of the stuff will collect at the orifice tube, simply because it
    has a very fine screen to prevent the orifice itself from clogging. So
    just removal and inspection by someone familiar with the system will
    tell you if the amount of filings is normal or if the system needs to be
    flushed. There are flushing chemicals available just for this purpose.
    Keep in mind the more you dismantle the system the better the flushing
    job will be, but the more likely you are to break some of your 13 year
    old parts.
    Mike F, Jul 10, 2003
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