Cure for S/V70 (98-00) extreme dash noise?

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Matecko, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Matecko

    Matecko Guest

    A couple of months ago there was a thread on the awful 'bang' that
    comes from the passenger's side part of the dash (near the windshield
    and "A" pillar). Apparently it's been a problem with more than a few
    of the 1998 - 2000 70 series cars.

    The weather is colder, and the 'Pop' or 'Bang' is almost a safety
    hazard (sounds like a firecracker going off).

    Has anybody found a cure?

    My dealer said "we can take the dash apart and look around' -- not my
    cup of tea at $70 per hour!


    Mat '99 V70T5m
    Matecko, Dec 22, 2003
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  2. Matecko

    Mike F Guest

    Start by looking at the 4 screws that hold the upper dash to the
    firewall. The heads are located under the plastic cowl where the cabin
    filter lives. Obviously, you'll only need to check out the ones on the
    passenger side.

    Mike F.
    Thornhill (near Toronto), Ont.

    NOTE: new address!!
    Replace tt with t (twice!) and remove parentheses to email me directly.
    (But I check the newsgroup more often than this email address.)
    Mike F, Dec 29, 2003
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