DSTC system

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Bubba, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Bubba

    Bubba Guest

    We are looking for a car for our son. For safety reasons, we are limiting
    our search to Volvos. We came across some information about the DSTC system
    available as an option on some models. Does anybody have real-life
    experience with this system? Does it work as advertised? What about
    maintenance issues?

    Bubba, Aug 31, 2007
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  2. Bubba

    Joerg Lorenz Guest

    Had it on my T5 from 01 to 05 and now on my V70 D5. Works like
    advertised. But be aware that it is not wise to compensate the
    additional safety by driving faster.

    Absolutely no maintenance issues. It is as reliable as the ABS. In
    Europe the DSTC is standard on Volvos since around 2000 or 2001.
    Your welcome,

    Joerg Lorenz, Aug 31, 2007
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  3. Bubba

    Kytis Guest

    It works just as advertized. Had a few moments in Korean winter with
    summer tyres. Not that much snow, but it sure was slippery...

    Also needed to replace one of the two sencors in our V70 ym.2001 2,4T.
    There is apparently two of these and the computer was giving false
    signals. So they replaced the other one and it worked, since there was
    no warnings anymore. Can't remember if it was under "extended warranty"
    or not, since we had a handful of problems with that particular car.
    It's gone now and we have a 2006 V70 2,5T now. And that's a completely
    different car, believe me!

    And yes, please do not fool yourselves to believe that DSTC is some kind
    of a miracle maker. Your son will always be the one, who's making vital
    decisions between the seat and a steering wheel. DSTC is a nice bonus,
    but it doesn't make anyone Kimi Räikkönen or Marcus Grönholm. Young
    drivers are always the safety issue on roads, and that's all down to
    their inexperience and attitude. Globally :eek:)
    Kytis, Sep 2, 2007
  4. Bubba

    franz47 Guest

    Like with computers - never turn off brain.exe, even if you have the latest
    antivirus software.
    franz47, Sep 2, 2007
  5. Bubba

    Mal from Oz Guest

    Like others have said, technology should never be a substitute for
    good/safe driving habits. However DSTC may give your son the extra bit of
    assistance to avoid a nasty situation. It DOES do what it is intended to
    do. Put it this way, you will notice a difference in the way the car
    performs if you turn it off.

    There is a good write up about the technology and it's various guises in


    Mal from Oz, Sep 3, 2007
  6. I purchased a 2005 V70 2.5T AWD and there is no option to disengage the
    DSTC on this one. I see no reason to disengage it though, why would
    anyone need to to do ?

    Lorenzo Sandini, Oct 2, 2007
  7. Bubba

    Roadie Guest

    I agree with the comments of others that DSTC is no substitute for
    safe driving skills. I'm concerned that a teenager might use it as an
    excuse to push the car to it's limit and get himself in trouble. DSTC
    and similar systems are unfortunately marketed by many car makers
    including Volvo as tools that allow you to get away with risky moves
    in snowy or slippery conditions. ABS and STC on the other hand are in
    a sense more defensive systems and well worth looking for on a used

    A Volvo is an excellent choice for a new driver My daughter got
    excellent service from one while away at college.
    Roadie, Oct 2, 2007
  8. Bubba

    franz47 Guest

    ...and especially innocent people who happen to be around..

    franz47, Oct 3, 2007
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