Help!!! 960 1997 stopped moving while driving down the road...

Discussion in 'Volvo 960' started by Steena-Feena, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Steena-Feena

    Steena-Feena Guest

    "As though it went into neutral!"
    It will start and run fine but, will not move... ie: wont move when I
    put into D, R, 3 or 2.
    Does ANYONE out there know what my problem might be?
    Thanks in advance.
    Steena-Feena, Feb 18, 2007
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  2. you might want to check the tranny lingkage.....
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Feb 18, 2007
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  3. Steena-Feena

    John Horner Guest

    Hold onto you wallet. It could be a transmission failure. With luck it
    will be something simple like the linkage, but probably it is something

    John Horner, Feb 18, 2007
  4. Steena-Feena

    Zeke Guest

    Hi John,

    It is possible that it is the torque converter, not too expensive, but
    lotsa labor. It is also possible that it could be a massive seal
    failure. My 740 shot a seal once and this is exacly the symptomology.
    This of course is accompanied by massive fluid loss. Pretty cheap fix
    though. I sure hope that it is something simple.

    Good luck,
    Zeke, Feb 18, 2007
  5. Steena-Feena

    Steena-Feena Guest

    So... what do either (or both), of you suggest?
    What a nightmare this is. I just spent 1300 on a new set of fuel
    injectors and, three months earlier, $1200 on a new timing belt.

    As I mentioned... My car will start and idle fine, just wont move. I
    try all of the gears; nothing.

    Where should I go from here? Do you have "a next step" suggestion?
    Steena-Feena, Feb 18, 2007
  6. Steena-Feena

    Mr. V Guest

    First off, it is obscene and beyond the pale that you paid $2500 for
    new fuel injectors and a timing belt.

    Boy, did you get ripped off!

    Do NOT take this car back to the pirates who did the other work for

    Try to find an independent volvo repair shop, one that specializes in
    Volvos, and give them a call and tell them what you notice.

    Were you capable of doing so, I would suggest that you first jack up
    the car and look underneath at the movement of the transmission
    linkage, to verify whether the linkage into the transmission is moving
    freely, of if there is a break outside the transmission (hope for the

    One viable option is to find a mobile mechanic who can come to you:
    buy a used transmission at a wrecking yard, and have him replace it,
    add new fluids and test it.

    Cost should NOT be more than $300 for the transmission, and at most
    $450 or so for the labor: IF you don't take it to a shop.

    Given your track record of getting hosed by repair shops, they'll just
    kill you on a transmission repair.

    Seriously, why not spend some time and money learning to understand
    and repair your car?

    You'll save a bundle, and have fun in the process.
    Mr. V, Feb 18, 2007
  7. Steena-Feena

    James Sweet Guest

    Holy crap!!!! Are they gold plated with a lifetime warranty?! Wherever
    you went to have that done, never go there again. Even at a Volvo dealer
    it should not have cost half that much.
    James Sweet, Feb 18, 2007
  8. Steena-Feena

    James Sweet Guest

    Automatic transmissions don't usually fail suddenly like that. Normally
    they start slipping and gradually get worse. I would suspect something
    simple personally. First thing to check is the fluid level, if it
    started leaking badly it could have drained out the fluid in a hurry. No
    fluid in the torque converter means no movement.
    James Sweet, Feb 18, 2007
  9. I'm with James - check the fluid level. That is a fairly unusual tranny
    failure for a 960, but it will certainly happen if it lost a lot of fluid -
    like a loose hose from the radiator to the transmission. refilling it (with
    something to stop or at least control the leak) would get it going again in
    that case.

    I also agree that you are being taken advantage of by the shop. In that
    case, it could even be sabotage in the form of a leak created in one of the
    lines to bring you back.

    Michael Pardee, Feb 18, 2007
  10. Steena-Feena

    Steena-Feena Guest

    Ok guys... (Mr. V, James and Michael), first of all I took my 97 Volvo
    to 'the local V Dealership. I have recently moved to FL (from CA) and
    truly did ask and search around for a shop that worked on Volvos. I
    found one in the town north of me (Bradenton), got an estimate (over
    the phone) from them and, the dealer, to replace my timing belt. They
    were within 150 bucks of each other. I thought I was going the SAFEST
    route by choosing the Dealership. Hmmm.
    As far as the Fuel Injectors go, I was blown away. First of all I
    couldn't understand how/why ALL needed replacing.
    I wont go into those details!

    I checked the T oil and actually added a quart. By the way it was
    pretty black. It seems full?!?

    I am capable and very interested in 'taking an interest' in my car. I
    like and, enjoy my 960 very much. I am also VERY MOTIVATED from a
    monetary stand point.

    Any further interest in my nightmare will be very much appreciated.
    Thanks again, guys.
    Steena-Feena, Feb 19, 2007
  11. Steena-Feena

    John Horner Guest

    The only good next step is to have it towed to a mechanic who is
    familiar with Volvos. Another idea would be to have a good transmission
    shop that does a lot of work on Toyotas have a look at it. The Aisin
    Warner transmissions are very similar to Toyota/Lexus units.

    John Horner, Feb 19, 2007
  12. Steena-Feena

    John Horner Guest

    Sounds like typical Volvo dealer repair prices. Volvo's parts pricing
    is through the roof these days and many dealers are charging OVER MSRP
    for Volvo parts. The dealer which were purchased by large chains like
    Autonation seem to be especially into jacking up parts prices. Then
    they charge $100-$150 per "book hour", and it rarely takes an
    experienced mechanic all the time the book allows to do common jobs like
    a timing belt.

    John Horner, Feb 19, 2007
  13. Steena-Feena

    James Sweet Guest

    There's places out there that will exchange your injectors for a set of
    rebuilt ones. I don't recall the price but it seems like it was pretty
    reasonable. Swapping injectors is easily done with basic tools and a bit
    of patience. They're right out there on top.

    Black transmission fluid is a very bad sign, it should be bright red.
    Take a whiff, if it's black as well as smells burned, the transmission
    is probably shot. Careful not to overfill it, the dipstick should have
    two different sides, one for cold transmission and one for warm. Check
    it with the engine idling.

    Pick up a Haynes manual for the car, a 960 is a lot more complex than
    the 4 cylinder cars but they're still well made and not too terribly
    difficult to work on.
    James Sweet, Feb 19, 2007
  14. Steena-Feena

    Steena-Feena Guest

    What do you think about this idea?
    I recieved this from someone on Brickboard.
    I am waiting foir a friend to show up with a lift so I can get under
    the car.

    If it "floats" between positions, I
    suspect the linkage has separated from the shifter handle. A pin,
    secured with an "E" clip, connects the bottom of the shifter lever
    with a transfer bar, that moves a lever, that changes the gear
    selected inside the transmission.

    If the "E" clip fell off and the pin dropped out, the shifter is no
    longer connected to the transmission. You cannot move the car, using
    its own power.

    This is not a hard fix. You will need:
    (a) to jack up the car (put a jack stand under a frame member) and
    inspect the shift linkage, which is on the driver's side of the
    transmission (USA/Canada models)
    (b) if the shifter handle is separated from the linkage, you'll need
    to visit a Volvo dealer, to get a replacement pin,"E" clip, and the
    bushing, that goes in the hole at the bottom of the shifter
    (c) to install these parts.

    The bushing can be lubricated with dish-washing liquid, to ease it
    into the hole. There's not a lot of room to get the pin into place.
    You have to position the pin, so its head is closest to the
    transmission case wall. The "E" clip is best held with a needle-nose

    Hope this helps.
    Steena-Feena, Feb 19, 2007
  15. try might "get lucky"....

    ~^ beancounter ~^, Feb 20, 2007
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