Hot auto fluid, 850 GLT auto

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by Alistair Ross, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Just been to the south of France (great). I had to drive on a long descent
    down through the mountains to the coast. this was a distance of about 14
    miles some of it quite steep. It was a hot (35C) day.

    I was using the lower gears in the auto box to keep the cars pace steady,
    rather than use the brakes ( I have experienced brake fade before on other
    cars). The local drivers seem to drive like crazy and brake hard for the
    corners then go hell for leather for the next corner. My pace was more
    sedate as I was on holiday and I had the wife with me.

    When we did stop I noticed 'that' smell of hot oil and although the temp
    gauge showed all was OK . When I checked the auto box fluid was decidedly
    brown rather than red, so its got pretty hot. No problems with the car it
    still drove fine.

    My question is (for general interest) readers of this group who live
    in mountainous areas.... Do You use the lower gears to slow the car?
    combination of gears and brakes or buy a car with a manual box.

    Alistair Ross, Jul 7, 2006
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