S80 message - "start prevented try again" or something like that

Discussion in 'Volvo S80' started by app2460, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. app2460

    app2460 Guest

    I am a new volvo owner and have seen this message twice in the past two
    days for the first time. It has been unusually cold (10-15 degrees f) so
    perhaps this is related.

    Does anyone have any information on what this message means? Also is
    there somewhere on the web that lists all the possible messages and what
    they mean?
    app2460, Jan 27, 2005
  2. just a guess here...make sure fuel cap is on snug, make sure car is in
    park...i would put my foot on brake...and shift the tranny selector
    between the gears...ending up in park...the sensor may need re
    setting...if no joy...to the shop mine would go...maybe on a tow

    does it start after this problem?
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Jan 27, 2005
  3. app2460

    app2460 Guest

    Yes, I turned the ignition off, tried again, and it starts. Just wondering
    if this is related to the cold weather or something more ominous.
    app2460, Jan 27, 2005
  4. app2460

    nobody Guest

    LOL, at least you aren't moving. My S80 sometimes tells me to stop the
    engine and restart, and almost always happens when I'm on the fast
    lane of the local freeways.

    Can't ignore it either, as it will cut off the ignition seconds later.
    I found this out the hard way. Have you tried dodging freeway traffic
    while changing 5 lanes while coasting to a stop?
    nobody, Jan 27, 2005
  5. app2460

    Glenn Klein Guest

    How Many Volvo keys do you have on the ring ? the message has to do with
    the immobilizer not seeing a correct code from the key this can happen
    for a few reasons
    1:) having more then 1 Volvo key next to the other
    2:) The Antenna ring is not seeing the key all the time
    either way this is not going to cure itself it will require a trip to
    the dealer to see what DTC'S are stored in the car
    ASE Certified Volvo Tech

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    Glenn Klein, Jan 28, 2005
  6. app2460

    app2460 Guest

    Thanks Glen. I have only one Volvo key on the ring so if it happens again
    I will talk to the dealer.

    Nobody - I am praying that what you describe never happens to me. I must
    have missed this feature when I was reviewing the sales leterature and
    owners manual :).
    app2460, Jan 28, 2005
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