V70 D5 accessories as standard?

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Joe landy, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. Joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Hi all.
    I am based in the UK, and I'm on the Hunt for a new shape V70 D5 to replace
    my 1997 2.5D V70.
    Could someone please clear up a few points for me?

    I really want the following extras, and I suspect some are now standard:
    Cruise Control, Air conditioning, Headlamp wash/wipe, heated seats, CD

    My Brochure tells me that Cruise, Air conditioning (well climate control
    actually), are standard, even on the S model.
    It also says that the SE has Front foglights, Leather seats, Electric
    Drivers seat with memory, and a Subwoofer as extras above the S, and that's
    about all! I find it very hard to believe that Cruise control is standard
    on all models?
    I should mention that I got by brochure from a Fleet car event, so I
    wondered if company car buyers get different options?
    If my information is correct, an S model with Heated seats as an option is
    all I need.

    Another concern is that the Trip computer is only available on T5, and AWD
    models. Surely not?

    I'm also excited by the other extras, like Home safe & approach lighting,
    pavement lights in the wing mirrors (??), and an extra cup holder in the
    dashboard. Comments on the funtionality of these appreciated!
    Also, I'd like to know how many miles anyone has put on the D5 engine so
    far. Anyone reached 150,000 miles?

    Just one more question, Is there a proper spare wheel provided, or just a
    crappy bicycle-wheel sized thing?

    Answers to some/all questions appreciated.
    Joe Landy
    220,000 miles on V70 2.5D SE (open to any offers?)

    P.S I had a look round the New V70R over the weekend, and was very
    impressed. As soon as I sat in it, I knew it was a serious bit of kit. I
    only had a quick look, but some interior refinements showed up. The cup
    holders in the centre console were hidden, so they don't gather dust like
    the exposed ones in the standard model (I always thought the cup-holders in
    the old V70 were much smarter, and very regularly used by me), Blue Dials
    are gorgeous, and the built-in mobile phone looked good. Navigation was
    well-placed too, but I'm not sure if it's as easy to use as the system in my
    dad's Audi! Anyway, it costs more than I'd like to spend on a house, so I'll
    keep buying lotto tickets for now.

    Joe landy, Sep 16, 2003
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  2. Joe landy

    Mr. Slow Guest

    gadgets on the car and go for a long test drive in one before deciding to
    part with your hard-earned cash. I have covered 10,000 miles in my V70 D5 SE
    and frankly do not like it. It is a much bulkier car than my old 850 T5, but
    with less room inside. My fancy retractible cup holder which can be put away
    in the dash broke after a few weeks. The auto. transmission is hopelessly
    mismatched to the engine, shifting unpredictably and too late. It is too
    large a car for country lanes; it rolls too much on the bends but is very
    smooth on the motorway. The engine sounds course even for a diesel, but once
    again is very quiet on the motorway. As far as the precise specification is
    concerned, you will need to check any individual model which you have your
    eye on but as I have said, there is much more to a car than the bells and
    Mr. Slow, Sep 17, 2003
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  3. Joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Hello Mr slow, and thanks for your reply.
    I have heard similar comments to yours before, Especially regarding the
    Auto Transmission.
    I first drove a new shape V70 about a year ago, and also yesterday, at a
    Fleet car show.
    I have to admit that, although there are some quality issues, I loved the
    car completely!
    I admit that the doors don't close 'Like a Volvo', and the D5 engine has to
    be cranked a fair bit before it fires. My high mileage 2.5D fires up much
    quicker in fact!
    My friends & colleagues try to persuade me to look at Audi, Toyota and
    similar, but quite frankly they don't have the boot space I need, and I
    can't drag myself away from Volvo, my V70 has served me well.
    Anyway, as for the automatic transmission, I'm a bit confused.
    During my test drive yesterday, I gave the vehicle a bit of poke, and it
    seemed to respond very well, and as soon as I wanted to cruise, it dropped
    into a higher gear, and I could back right off the pedal. I drove it on a
    country route, then back to the event on the motorway. I really couldn't
    fault it!! Engine braking seemed to be ample, and the ride was generally
    smooth! One thing I did notice was that the car had geartronic control,
    which I played with a little. I wonder if all the Autos which people
    complain about are this type? Do these respond differently to the standard
    Auto? Please speculate more on which type you have!
    I understand that the Geartronic is only available on the D5 AWD version.
    I also noticed that the car was very quiet, perhaps a little too quiet.
    Personally I love to hear some Diesel rumble!
    As for the car being bulky, Yes I agree, and I noticed myself looking out of
    the side window on roundabouts; I couldn't see the kerb through the
    windscreen, it's too far away!
    Legroom for passengers was limited, as you said, much less room in there
    than the 850s.
    A friend of mine has a 2.4 petrol V70 new model, and he rates it very highly
    but he had a Mondeo previously though........
    To draw a conclusion, I'll probably opt for a late Old shape V70, or a
    manual D5. I'm concerned that buying an old shape now, will mean absolutely
    no resale value in a couple of years though. I guess if I pile the miles
    onto it, it won't matter.
    As for interior features, I use my air conditioning, heated seats, drinks
    holders, cruise control e.t.c quite regularly, so I'm interested in having a
    few bells & whistles! I often go out when it's dark in the winter mornings
    (turn some heat on), then drive well into the day (turn heat down, perhaps
    some mild aircon on), so Climate would be very welcome too.
    Cheers for all your suggestions.
    I'll probably give myself a few months to decide what's best for me.
    Joe Landy.
    P.S Should I look out for Mr slow's D5 being sold cheap soon? !
    Joe landy, Sep 19, 2003
  4. Joe landy

    Tim.. Guest

    This is a characteristic of nearly all common rail diesels- the engine has
    to spin over a fair bit for the charge pump to pressurise the rail to the
    million-squillion bar at which they operate before the ecu will fire the
    injectors so you get a nice smoke-free startup.

    Tim.., Sep 20, 2003
  5. Joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Thanks for that info Tim. I know little about Common rail diesels. My diesel
    knowledge grew when I was brought up on a farm, but I have recently let
    things slip a little.
    Time I found some more books to study I guess because my dealer sure knows
    nothing about my TDI!
    That would also explain why some of the other common rail diesels which I
    test-drove behaved the same. (test-driving them purely for pleasure you
    Still haven't heard from anyone who has covered any considerable mileage in
    a D5 though. There was a 70K miles SE on the Volvocars UK website for just
    over £13K. Very cheap I thought, but if 70k miles is low, why hasn't it
    sold? I saw another one for less money than this, which admittedly wasn't
    covered by a main-dealer warranty, but decided to wait a while. My V70
    classic has become a mileage-challenge. I'm sure it wouldn't sell now.
    I'm still hooked on the V70 though. No other estate car comes near. Audi A4
    is too small, and A6 is just too dear. Mondeo can kiss my backside, and the
    new vectra is plain ugly!
    Cheers all.
    P.S Very slow response from Me I'm afraid, NTL newsgroups only work at
    certain times of the week. sorry!
    Joe landy, Sep 26, 2003
  6. Joe landy

    brian Guest

    Hi Joe, You should look at this site lots of info much of which
    comes from Swedish Volvo employees, this page lists the various
    topics and is easily and quickly navigated.

    Just wish I had known about thios site before I bought my T5.

    Best Regards,
    brian, Sep 27, 2003
  7. Joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    OK, so how do I view the site? The attachment doesn't open. Problem at my
    end, or can you post a web address rather than attachment?
    Joe landy, Sep 27, 2003
  8. Joe landy

    brian Guest

    Sorry, try vvspy.com or this url attached.
    Look at the forums section and choose whichever
    subject is appropriate. Hope this works for you.

    brian, Sep 27, 2003
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