Buying S70, what to look for

Discussion in 'Volvo S70' started by Nobody, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. Nobody

    Nobody Guest

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  2. Nobody

    Vertuas Guest

    Hi all

    After yet another breakdown i have decide that it is finally time to let my
    440 1.6 Li retire. The rotting rear arches and constant things going wrong
    is finally getting too much.

    The goos news is that i have seen a nice S70 2.0 10v for sale near me!!! And
    its cheap too!! Does anyone know of any common faults, major issues, etc
    that i should be looking for when i go see it tomorrow?

    Thanks all

    Vertuas, Jul 25, 2004
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  3. Nobody

    Vertuas Guest

  4. Nobody

    Guest Guest

    Firstly, the 2.0 10v is cheap cos its the engine to avoid. It really
    struggles to propel the car at any more than sedate speeds and is heavy on
    fuel. 2.5 10v is the best all round engine with manual box, if you want an
    auto go for the 20v version.

    Our 2.5 10v manual is averaging 32-33mpg in mixed driving- our previous
    2litre 20 struggled to do more than 30mpg in the same circumstances.

    Would help if you said which model of S70 you are looking at, and what price
    its at- it may be a base spec S model, but known issues are:

    1) air con generally up the spout, evapourators leaking (dash out job),
    rotted condensor, or compressor clutch knackered.
    2) Drivers door check strap or top hinge pulling away from body- if caught
    early enough (listn for clicking when opening door) and mig-welded up then
    gives no more trouble.
    3) Engine should start immediately hot or cold and not have any noisy
    hydraulic lifters. Oil should be changed every 5k.
    4) Look for evidence of timing belt change- 70k. If no proof budget for
    changing it (£250)
    5) Drivers door leccie window switch panel switches wear out rapidly -
    usually drivers door- and suddenly you wont be able to wind up the glass.
    New switch units are £80 from Volvo, good used ones like hens teeth.
    Switches from C70 are not the same.
    6) If manual look for clutch noise, and /or biting towards top of travel.
    £400 to change if worn out- though they usually last 80k at least on the non
    7) Any other electrical sillyness.
    8) Uneven front tyre wear and curbed wheels. Front suspension lasts well but
    doesnt like abuse from curbs.

    Guest, Jul 25, 2004
  5. I bought a '99 S70 in late May, 04

    It is a great car.
    interior perfect
    body perfect
    individual temp controls
    2.4 l v 20, turbo engine very strong
    30 mpg at 75 for 3000 mile trip.
    only problem
    walmart will not change oil
    had to get special wrench and do it myself
    ordered filters from E-Bay
    can hardly wait until my wife gets tired of it so I can drive it.

    Say not the Struggle nought Availeth, Jul 26, 2004
  6. Nobody

    Vertuas Guest

    Thanks for that Tim

    I seen the car advertised on the auto trader site, it was up for £2,000 with
    LPG conversion installed,

    When i called the guy he told me he'd sold it any ways

    Looks like the 440 gets to stay a little bit longer!


    Vertuas, Jul 26, 2004
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