Used 2002 Volvo S60 ASR - will I regret buying it?

Discussion in 'Volvo S60' started by tlvuong, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. tlvuong

    tlvuong Guest

    Hi - I've been trying to find more recent reviews on the S60 to see if
    previous owners still love their S60 or regret it? I haven't had much
    luck. Most reviews are back from 2002 where they seem to love their new
    car. But I am more curious to find out how the car has been holding up
    since they bought it.

    - Do you have brake issues? (seems to be a common complaint)
    - Has the car needed more care or maintenance than you thought?
    Basically is this a car that I should really be budgeting maintenance
    money for every month or every year, beyond the oil changes?
    - Has it been a complete gas guzzler now that it's four years old?
    - Is it still a quiet ride?

    I just test drove a 2002 today with 41K miles and the asking price was
    around $19,300. More than my budget, but I'm hoping someone can help
    me figure out if it's worth extending my budget because the car has and
    still is that great or if I should just look the other way. Thanks in
    advance for your time and help.
    tlvuong, Mar 12, 2006
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  2. tlvuong

    Paul_B Guest

    After a couple of years in an '01 s60, I can't say it's trouble
    free. Great car, for sure. Super comfortable, stylish, safe,
    economical (2.4 engine), some nice advanced convenience features.
    I keep telling myself I'm crazy to be thinking of replacing it.

    But my brake booster needs replacement - $900. Drive by wire -
    $1000, but now under extended warrantee. Timing belt coming due
    at 105K - $600. Previous owner must have driven in some
    windy/sandy conditions, because the front paint and glass are
    seriously abraded. I'm not inclined to put more money into the
    car, though if I did it would probably last for life.

    The car had 90K on it when I bought it, so I can't speak to its
    frequency of repair at 41K. Perhaps do an S60 search of this
    group's archives.

    Paul_B, Mar 12, 2006
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  3. tlvuong

    Darby O'Gill Guest

    ....bought my '02 s60T in '03 with 28k miles on it...paid around 21k. Had a
    stab bushing replace a that time. Nothing but lube, oil, and filter(s) since
    then-nothing other than front amber light bulb, and tail light bulb. Car now
    has 52k on it.

    it's wife daily driver, and she hits every bump, guns it at every traffic
    light, screeches to stops in a cloud of dust. Makes me cringe....I get to
    drive it when it needs a wash, fill-up and oilchange!

    still very solid and rattle free. I get 26-27 mpg mostly HW driving, but
    can coax it to near 30 with effort(pay no attention to the peterbuilt in the
    mirror)! My wife gets about 24 mpg with her taxi gig.

    Brakes are excellent, really. Had mine check by mechanic when wheels off for
    tires....said there was plenty of wear left. This was at about 35k
    miles-still feels same at current mileage.

    ps bought mine from enterprise. this former daily rental probably feels
    right at home with wife behind the wheel!

    Oh Ya, I got huge sticky toyo's on 17" rims. probably rides different (more
    compliant) with 16" rims and touring tires.

    .....don't know what you should pay...get a nada guide, blue book or try good luck
    Darby O'Gill, Mar 12, 2006
  4. tlvuong

    Ethan Guest

    That's a fantastic deal. Five months ago, I paid $18,600 for my Volvo
    S60 that had 50K miles when I got it. So$19,300 is a GREAT deal. Buy
    Ethan, Mar 29, 2006
  5. tlvuong

    Ethan Guest

    That's a fantastic deal. Five months ago, I paid $18,600 for my Volvo
    S60 that had 50K miles when I got it. So$19,300 is a GREAT deal. Buy
    Ethan, Mar 29, 2006
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