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Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by eastender, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. eastender

    Nick Guest

    Of course tyres do not stop working at any given temperature that we are
    likely to encounter...

    As per Steve Henning's comments... they may tail off in performance outside
    the design
    temperature range, but that's what happens in real life and tyres have been
    designed to cope with.

    By far a bigger issue is what if you have a crash with "proper" winter tyres
    on and the speed rating is
    not what is recommended by the manufacturer ! Ideal wriggle-out possibilty
    for them, all because
    we were "trying to be smart" and fit a "better" tyre ....

    What happens if we have winter tyres on and the sun comes out - do we change
    tyres and then back
    again at night ?

    Here in the UK, we are having -6 deg C at night and + 12 deg C in the
    day...not a great temperature range
    and our "all weather tyres" seem to cope admirably...

    Nick, Feb 4, 2007
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  2. Based on my experience, I concur.

    I've been running 4 Pirelli "Ice Radials" on my 850T during winters for
    several years. I bought a set of Toyo Proxes 4 (high performance all-
    season) last summer partly on the strength of ownership surveys rating
    them equal to the Pirelli P-Zero Nero All Season. The Toyos performed
    OK during several snowfalls we've had this winter. I never got stuck,
    but they were clearly limited in their ability.

    I recently put the Pirelli Ice Radials back on for a ski trip. What a
    difference! I noticed it as soon as I drove out of our garage onto our
    snowy driveway. The rubber compound on the Ice Radials provided a major
    improvement in traction on packed snow and ice. As you would expect,
    the tread pattern on the Ice Radials helped immensely in the deeper snow
    I encountered in the mountains approaching the ski area, but that's a

    As an aside, I'm fairly impressed with the performance of the Toyo
    Proxes 4 during summer and fall. Traction on dry and wet roads is very
    good, they track very nicely on the highway, they're quiet, and they
    balanced up very well. A good tire for the money. But when the tread
    on the Ice Radials reaches the recommended minimum, I'll get another set
    of 4 dedicated winter tires.

    Espressopithecus (Java Man), Feb 7, 2007
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