Volvo 440 Error codes

Discussion in 'Volvo 440' started by Maurice, May 15, 2006.

  1. Maurice

    Maurice Guest

    Does anyone know how I can get the stored error codes from the
    diognostic test point of my Volvo 440. The ECU is a seimans type and
    the fuel system is a B16F. The car has been idling roughly over the
    past 9 months. While cold the idling is quite rough. After this the
    idling speed settles at about 1000RPM. This is set by the constant
    idling system. However, when the throttle is pumped the revs fall to
    about 600RPM before picking up to 1000RPM. It has recently been cutting
    out. When this happens, it will not restart until at least an hour
    later. There may be a temperature issue and I'd like to see if the
    error codes will give me any clues.

    Maurice, May 15, 2006
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